Eben Beukes


My name is Eben Beukes and I’m a self taught artist born in Cape Town on February 1998. I’ve been drawing ever since Ican remember. I matriculated from High School Jan Van Riebeeck in 2016. During myhigh school career, I never reallyhad the time to pursue my art. In 2017 I had twooperationson my hips which hadme in bed and on crutches for most ofthe year. I started with my first hyper-realistic drawing in 2018.


I strive to celebrate life! I search for and explore the marks left by the world on people and the marks people leave on the world, the innocence of new life, the wonderous architecture of time, our connection to the earth and to each other. There is beauty in everything.  Inspiration is everywhere.   I use photography to initially capture my subject(s) but the photograph is a defined moment in time that evolves into a timeless stretch of the imagination on the canvas. With the realism of my sketches I strive to give vivid life to a thought or a concept that tells a never-ending story.  A moment that grabs your imagination and compels it to transcend the fleeting into the enduring.   My goal is to inspire people to look more closely at the world around them, to discover the stories hidden in the captured moment, to make them treasure life on this beautiful earth and the precious thing called time.

Eben Beukes

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