Dries Fourie


Dries Fourie was born in Welkom in the Free State in 1972. His first memory of creating a sculpture was that of a crocodile he carved in dry ground in his backyard when he was about six years old. Throughout his life, Dries has always been fascinated by art and started drawing at an early stage. His interest in sculpture only happened much later when he visited a foundry just outside of Brits with a work colleague. He fell in love with the whole bronze casting process and that was the beginning of a journey of becoming a self-taught sculptor.  It was a difficult and slow process because he had to do this part time between work, family and studies. In 2009 after countless failures he had his first successful cast of a hyena in his back yard foundry, and he stated that “It was one of the best feelings ever” 
His sculpting was put on the back burner when he completed a Masters of Engineering degree at the University of Witwatersrand.  In 2016 and 2017 he entered the PPC Imaginarium Art and Design competition and made it to the top finalists. The competition allowed him to grow as an artist and the exposure increased his self-confidence.


He uses a contemporary approach to create conceptual art pieces that portray human emotions. He is especially interested in how the modern day women are perceived and treated around the world.

Dries Fourie