Daya Heller


Daya Heller is a fine artist practicing in diverse mediums of sculpture, painting and drawing, exploring the human form and experience. She graduated in sculpture from Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2006. 
Her work centres around the cyclical nature of life, death and rebirth; the integration of duality; and the alchemical metamorphasis of self in the human condition.
Her figurative sculpture has generally been life-size with metaphorical intervention in the body, expressive of various levels of being and mortal experience. Her figures are often open revealing the interior space and structure, showing the human body as a shell, synonymous with inner and outer experience & the eternal dichotomy of the physical form and spiritual consciousness.


The artist’s work is intensely process based, loving the technical exploration of material and its qualities, giving great respect to the importance, meaning and experience of process - each work personally handmade. The artist imbues the artwork with life, aligning the original vision with its physical manifestation throughout its making, aware that the energy put into an artwork lives on in the piece and is felt by the viewer, reaching desired resonance in another being.




Daya Heller