Boitumelo Diseko

Artist statement

Diseko’s work is based on sexual abuse, Christianity, encoded memories onto a landscape and various social issues. Diseko’s artworks are abstract, she uses contour lines to form images connecting the forms to the terrain they inhabit. The mediums she works in are various from metal, paint and ink. Diseko majors in drawings, paintings and installation works of mixed media. Diseko draws inspiration from her life experiences and from the books she reads.

Artist Bio

Boitumelo Diseko (b. 1996) in Rustenburg, South Africa. Diseko received her Honours in Fine Arts at University of Pretoria. Diseko has received a magazine coverage in The South African artist magazine issue no. 38 (2018) and magazine coverage in startup AFRICA magazine issue no. 11 (2019). Diseko participated in numerous group exhibitions including Phase One (2016) and Phase 2.1 (2017) hosted by the Anton van Wouw House, Pretoria; Protagonist: Artists in Response to Sexual Violence (2018) hosted by Studio Facture Gallery, Melville; Ontology 1 (2018) presented by Longstreet Art Lovers Gallery, Pretoria and Rhino Record (2018) hosted by The Afropolitan Gallery , Chui-Ta-Ka-Ma (2019) hosted at Johann van Heerden’s Art Gallery  and Collaboration exhibition held at Trent Gallery, Salt (2019). Diseko also had numerous solo exhibitions namely Beneath the surface (2018) hosted by Longstreet Art Lovers, Pretoria, Opening (2015) held at U-Space Gallery in Sunnyside, Between the lines (2018) hosted at Community Gallery in Durban, Ecclesiastes 3:20 (2018) held at Harrie’s Pancakes and solo exhibition held at AVA Gallery, Hosea 11:8 “How can I abandon you?” (2019).



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