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Andrea Du Plessis is a multimedia visual artist currently based in Cape Town. Born in 1980 in Pretoria, she studied Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria. She also had the opportunity to live and travel in England and during her stay completed a Diploma in Therapeutic Arts in 2010. Upon returning to South Africa she enrolled with UNISA and is currently studying towards a degree in Multimedia Digital Visual Arts. 


Aiming to explore the possibilities of combining digital and traditional media, she is known to experiment with a wide range of disciplines including traditional painting and drawing, animation, video art, digital art and more recently, sculpture. In 2017 Du Plessis began exploring the intricate art of balljointed doll-making; a multi-disciplinary process that involves sculpture, painting, dress making, set design and stop-frame animation. 




Drawing inspiration from the fragile yet powerful, potently sensual female essence, Du Plessis’s work is characterised by the use of intricate detail and realism. She toys with the notion of the female body as imperfect, broken, seductive and vulnerable, as always laid bare for the world to gaze at. Du Plessis draws attention to societies’ voyeuristic nature and the male gaze, and aims to subvert modern ideals of beauty and physical perfection.  


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Andrea du Plessis

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