Alexa Pienaar

I am an aspiring young artist and currently completing my Master’s in Visual Art at the University of Johannesburg. I was born in Pretoria, grew up on a small farm in the Western Cape and now find myself back in the bustling streets of Johannesburg. I have showcased my work at various group exhibitions including the annual group exhibition at the Pretoria Arts Association, the Sasol New Signatures Awards, the Johannesburg Turbine Art Fair the Thami Mnyele Fine Arts Awards and I was recently announced the Thami Mnyele Sculpture Merit Award winner of 2018. The landscapes of open fields of grass and farmlands of my home town are still fresh in my memory and is greatly recognizable in my depiction of landscape and figure in my works. I am intrigued and inspired by human psychology and find myself exploring my own identity as a white, Afrikaans female in a contemporary South African society. Through an exploration of my upbringing, experiences and cultural inheritance I explore my sense of ‘being’ within a contemporary South African landscape and how I fit into this multicultural society. I use predominantly leather, a medium with which I am familiar, based on an upbringing in which my father is a skilled leather craftsman. I draw on contemporary South African landscape elements as visual metaphors of my lived experiences as they have forged my identity while trying to determine my place in a contemporary South African society, and my sense of ‘being’/’belonging’ in it.

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Alexa Pienaar

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28 Jul 2019

Written by Nadine Froneman (MFA)

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